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Preparing your files:
– Please send uncompressed files only (WAV, AIFF)
– 24bit or 32bit float / 44.1 kHz
– No MP3 or other compressed formats
– Correct naming (e.g. "Kick_1.wav" instead of "rec03_909.wav")
– Make sub groups (e.g. all pads, all special FX etc.)
– Drum tracks in mono (dry)
– Please include 1–2 reference songs
– Max. 24 tracks (in 1 ZIP file)

Additional Notes:
Get the files by "multi bouncing" from your desired DAW. All major DAWs support multitrack bounce to render all tracks within a given project. If not sure how to perform this, please check "your DAW" + multitrack bounce on YouTube for guidelines. In general, I prefer dry tracks (no reverb or delay printed within a track). Special effects should always be delivered in a separate stereo track.
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